Author of
     POLONIO PASS (Aignos 2014)

     DEEP SLUMBER OF DOGS (Aignos 2016)

Doc Krinberg is a California native who while living in Southern California, Northern California and the San Joaquin Valley had various jobs including taxi driver, truck driver for a scrap metal company, strip club barker, sailor, and hard hat diver. Finally, when desperate, he obtained a doctoral degree in education. He has lived and taught overseas, on the US Mainland and currently resides in Virginia, awaiting the return to glory of the Oakland Raiders.

A multi-award-winning poet, his works appear in FIFTY-EIGHT STONES (Savant 2012), BELLWEATHER MESSAGES (Savant 2013), and RUNNING FROM THE PACK (Savant 2014/15), as well as THE BLACK ROSE OF WINTER (Lost Tower 2014) and TEMPTATION (Lost Tower 2016).