Award-winning author of

      SADDAM'S PARROT (Aignos 2017)
      IN DIRE STRAITS (Savant 2011)

Award-winning author and screenwriter Jim Currie is a Seattle ecologist, writer and Savant Books and Publications editor whose credits include works of fiction, non-fiction, and over twenty publications on natural resource management and biology. He holds an honor's degree from Harvard and a masters from Berkeley. His writing and teaching reflect an interdisciplinary perspective and wide-ranging curiosity in the arts, science, humanities and philosophy.

His published titles include IN DIRE STRAITS (Savant 2011) and THE MINDFUL TRAVELER: A GUIDE TO JOURNALING AND TRANSFORMATIVE TRAVEL (Open Court, 2000). His work in the environmental field includes innovative ways to protect water quality and habitat. His teaching and lecturing draws upon integral psychology and Eastern philosophy.

Jim writes extensively on healing, ecology, conservation and sustainable economy. His web-based organization center

includes members from across the globe and is dedicated to climate action, species rescue and travel that leaves shallow footprints.