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ISBN 978-0-9970020-4-1
Anticiapted 2017 Release

A smart and rebellious African Gray Parrot lands on the shoulder of a San Francisco waitress and begins spouting about the Bush White House and Saddam Hussein, soon provoking a madcap blackmail attempt to liberate abused elephants.

ISBN 978-0-9970020-5-8
Anticiapted 2017 Release

Follow Chang the Magic Cat and friends in an adventurous screenplay-novel as they search to discover the rightful heir to Briersly Manor.

by Natalie Roers
ISBN 978-0-9970020-6-5
Anticiapted 2017 Release

It wasn’t something he’d have ever thought to  do on his own, but damn it if it didn’t seem like the house was inviting him in... 

Derek Fisher is a teenage vagrant with a troubled past. The Scotts are a well-to-do suburban family. Their worlds couldn't seem any further apart, but when Derek takes refuge from the streets and secretly moves into the crawl space under the Scott's home their paths are set on an explosive predestined collision course.

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